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SociaTec Inc. Solutions

  • Brand protection -

  • Brand Protection is a proactive service to protect your brand, supply chain integrity and brand reputation by identifying and acting on individuals or entities that intend to mislead for their own illegal gain.
  • Oversee a Brand Protection Core Team
  • Manage key external partnerships
  • Direct ongoing surveillance
  • Execute communication strategies
  • Analyze the impact
  • Report progress
  • Provide a multidisciplinary, cross-functional Brand Protection Core Team that includes:

  • Quality

  • Trade

  • Security

  • Commercial Law

  • Patent Counsel

  • Customer Operations

  • * Provide ongoing Internet surveillance
  • * Provide paid search monitoring
  • * Provide social media monitoring
  • * Execute monthly communication strategies
  • * Track response to key actions
  • * Prioritize monthly targets
  • * Build and manage relationships with key Federal Enforcement Agencies
  • * Serves as a consultant to Counterfeit Core Team


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