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MOBILITY APPS - Single source engineers of RFID antenna

SociaTec Inc. Apps

  • SociaTec specializes in the development, upgrading and management of Apps designed for regulated industries.

  • Regulated industries such banking, financing, wealth management, stock trading, investment funds, mortgage firms, insurance companies and prescription drug manufacturers have unique requirements in delivering Apps in a Web 2.0 world

  • Regulators have specific requirements and guidance for securing data and the proliferation of messaging that not only needs to be filtered and managed, but also requires archiving and access unlike unregulated industries.

  • SociaTec Apps for regulated industries are designed to meet the optimal standards of authentication and data proliferation to meet regulated guidance and requirements.

  • By combining technology and expert legal knowledge of regulated industries, Sociatec delivers the secured Apps and Apps framework to mitigate risk to the enterprise.

  • From ensuring that login authentication is not cached, to protecting data from being saved on a remote device... SociaTec designed Apps secures the enterprise and customer data from intrusion and loss of hardware.

  • Unlike desktop computing and portable PC's, mobility devices present new challenges for securing the enterprise.

  • Mobility devices are lost or stolen on a significantly high number. While loss and theft at some level simply target the hardware for redeployment, theft of devices in and around corporate centers, financial centers, upscale hotels and restaurants target the data on the mobility devices.

  • SociaTec Apps are specifically designed to conform to the highest level of security to minimize the impact of wireless intrusion and hardware compromise.


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